All participants must sign a waiver prior to getting on the water (includes rowers, coxswains, coaches).

Sign your waiver online! This will address your annual waiver for BOTH rowing with Blood Street Sculls as well as USRowing regattas. Go to US Rowing’s waiver page and in the “Individuals” section on the page that pops up, hover over “Members” and click on “Sign Waiver”. At this point you will enter the Member Number of the rower and password. If you no longer remember either of these there is a link on the right side to recover them. There will be  set of rowing questions which are meant to be educational, not a test, and are not graded so just go through them. You will then be presented with the waiver terms, click in the box that you agree. Almost all of the kids and many of the adults are “Basic” members. Basic members must pay a $7.75 registration fee. After paying look at the section on your screen “My Organization” and ensure that OLRA/Blood Street and if if applies, LOLHS Crew, is in there. If not, click on join organization and select those. You will now be all set for a year of rowing both at the lake and at USRowing regattas!

Club Codes:        OLRA:  DAPGH              Lyme-Old Lyme High School: SBX4X

If you are having trouble with the waiver process there is a video tutorial at the bottom of this PAGE. The information that applies to us begins about a minute into the video.

Program Registration

Registration consists of three steps:

  1. Signing up for the program in which you would like to participate.  Click on the appropriate box below to begin the registration process for the relevant program.
  2. Payment for the program (required at the time of registration).  Credit card payment through the website is preferred, though payments by check may also be made.  Checks to be made out to OLRA.
  3. Online completion of a USRowing waiver, required once per calendar year and must be completed prior to participation in any club program, no exceptions.  Click here to sign the waiver.  Club code is DAPGH.


Registration is not complete without completing all three steps, and participation will not be allowed until all three steps are complete.

Rowing Programs

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